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Jedi::Plugin::Auth is an authentication plugin for Jedi.

It handles the authentication, keep the information in his database, and return the full profile in a session when the user signs in.

The plugin provide :

  • jedi_auth_signin
  • jedi_auth_signout
  • jedi_auth_login
  • jedi_auth_logout
  • jedi_auth_update
  • jedi_auth_users_with_role
  • jedi_auth_users_count
  • jedi_auth_users

You can:

  • add a user
  • remove a user
  • sign in
  • logout
  • change the user information
  • list users with a specific role
  • count the users
  • retrieve the users

The default behavior is to create for you an auth database in SQLite into the distribution directory of Jedi::Plugin::Auth, using your app for the database filename.

Each of your apps will have his own authentication.

Each user created will have a generated UUID that can be used in your apps to associate the user with his own data.

This is only a plugin, you need to implement the interface and the backend to make it functional.

The documentation can be found here : Jedi::Plugin::Auth

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